Hasta la Vista, New Mexico Calling

Hi Friends,

I’ve been off social media for a while as I’ve been driving long distances, crossing the USA to take my telescope and other photog equipment to southern New Mexico to check out the gorgeous dark skies there.

Going solo, as my dear girlfriend decided to leave me last week – oh well, bummer, but not stopping me from going 😞. The van is very comfy and it’s interesting how some things work and some don’t , what rattled loose and so on .

Yesterday was a crazy day.

I left from Burlington, Vermont and drove to Adrian, Michigan, a distance of 767 miles to swap out a large piece of astro equipment at premier astrophotography company Planewave, before continuing my journey south west.

The equipment weighs about 250 pounds and was loaded on the sprinter with a forklift ! Got chance to see some of Planewaves really high end stuff like this 1 meter scope.

Today, I covered 500 miles…

I’m just west of St Louis, Missouri at a nice KOA camp.

Tomorrow, I should be near Oklahoma City then one more stop before I get to Animas, New Mexico where I’m staying for 4 nights. The USA is Friggin huge!

Feeling a little lonely but excited.

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